all about dolls

The perfect Dolly Mixture! From Barbie to classic baby dolls, from dollshouses to furniture, from prams to wardrobes - you can find it all here.

With our fantastic range of wooden dolls beds, cradles and cribs, wooden dolls wardrobes and highchairs, as well as unique dolls prams you can look after your doll's every need. Our favourite is the doll's changing table with its practical storage baskets.

We also have Barbie outfits and other dolls' clothes for hours of dolly fashion fun.

As for dollshouses, the sky is the limit! A first dollshouse or a princess palace dollshouse - we offer a comprehensive range of wooden dollshouses, as well as dollshouse furniture and dolls. The Vario dolls house is high on our personal "good toys" list, because the clever removable wall and roof sections provide added play value.