just for tots

Playtime for the very, very young (or young at heart...).

This category is aimed at babies and tots and boasts a great selection of toys to promote early learning. It never ceases to amaze me how much learning takes place when tots play. From the moment your tiny baby discovers his/her fingers to the time when s/he becomes mobile and begins to explore the world around him/her - which actually involves a lot of physics, when you think about it - this little brain is just firing away at a rate us grown-ups can only marvel at!

To make the most of this time that is so important in a child's development, we can do our bit by offering stimulating toys - toys that invite investigation, toys that provide challenges.

For the littles one the sub-section 'very first toys' offers textures, noises and colour in many guises to provide lots of sensory experiences for your baby.

Following one from there, the sub-section motor skills/early learning focuses on toys that promote the development of fine motor skills, with threading, sorting, building, positioning and a little bit of bashing high on the agenda of every busy tot.

The sub-category 'pull-along and push-along toys' comes into its own when your little ones take their first steps. Exploring movement with the help of these kinds of toys makes for exciting and enjoyable playtimes. A personal favourite is the pullalong train with shapesorting because of its added play value.

Active toddlers will love the toys in our sub-section rocking & swinging. From traditional rocking horses to rocking lions, elephants, lambs and bee on wheels, from gorgeous wooden swing seats to a horse space hopper, this section is full of toys that promote co-ordination and movement.